International Postgraduate Programme "Performance and Media Studies"

International and Interdisciplinary

The IPP „Performance and Media Studies“ at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is an international PhD programme, designed to offer a guiding academic structure to doctoral students. Founded in 2002 with support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Foundation for Research (DFG), it is an unique programme combining the fields of theatre studies, performance studies, cultural and media studies in an interdisciplinary dialogue.
The three year programme consists of several stages and modules: Throughout year one and two, students attend doctoral seminars on subjects such as performance studies, media studies and cultural studies which are supervised by members oft the interdisciplinary faculty and international guest lecturers. Alongside these colloquiums, students conduct research for their thesis and present their progress at semi-annual conferences. In year three, students will write up the individual chapters compiled in year one and two to form their final thesis.


10 places will be available each year for outstanding candidates.
Application deadline for entry in October is May 1st of the same year (for 2013: May 1st, 2013) more