Media and Beyond. Corporealities and Crises (2004)

25 July to 7 August, 2004.





Seminar 1
Michal Kobialka and Tomek Kitlinski
Tranforming the Body

The body boundaries mark the anatomy of the self. Mediating the body always involves reshaping, alteration and mutilation of its scheme – processes most vividly affecting the perpheries of the body. The seminar will examine the processes and effects of these transformations and investigate representations of the body such as the grotesque body, the ailing body and the de- and re-codings of the gendered body.

Seminar 2
Malgorzata Sugiera and Freddie Rokem
The Crises of Mimesis

The seminar will focus on strategies of representation as used in late 19th century theatre and in contemporary performance in the context of the current debate on the crisis of mimesis. Both forms of theatre deal with these crises by means of fragmented form, the abandonment of the dramatic text, the mix of various performative styles. The seminar will discuss the problem of mimesis and provide methodological tools to investigate these performative manifestations.

Seminar 3
Maaike Bleeker and Ian Maxwell
Mediating Bodies

The body seems to be more than ever an important topic in contemporary performance and media research. The seminar will investigate mediating bodies under three different perspectives: Corporeal literacy and the adaptation and reshaping of the body dealing with media, the body of the media and the self-reflexive strategies of fissure and the actual mediation of the body operating with cultural constructs of the body.

Seminar 4
Mita Banerjee and John Storey
The seminar addresses the medium television from an interdisciplinary perspective by combining approaches from media and cultural studies and social sciences. Central to the discussions will be the way media content is here constructed and the discursive conventions that are employed in the case of different TV formats. The seminar will also consider the role of television as a social insitution in mediating cultural and social values.


Practical Workshops

Workshop 1
Vava Stefanescu
Mediating Movement - Body and Imaging

The workshop will explore the dramaturgy of corporeal signs from the perspective of instant composition (real time composition) investigating the impact of media upon the image of the dancing body and the ways in which the use of media alters the body’s image on stage. Vava Stefanescu is a Romanian dancer and choreographer, founder and executive director of MAD (Multi-Art Dance Centre), Bucharest. In the past decade, she had several artistic residencies in France and Germany

Workshop 2
Agostino Di Scipio
Audible Ecosystemics - Technology and Sound
Agostino Di Scipio is a composer and researcher who has a special interest in computer sound and recently "audible ecosystemics". He currently holds a DAAD scholarship for outstanding artists. In his workshop he will investigate the relationship of sound, space and the body. He will develop interactive sound systems with the students.

Workshop 3
John Downie
Body Heat - Performing Global Warming

The starting point for the performance workshop is the crisis of the body envisioning heat and global warming. John Downie is an outstanding playwright, theatre and media director. He is especially interested in the relationship between biological "display" and human "performance" and in investigating these by means of performance and theatre.

Workshop 4
Markus Kiefer
Beyond the Looking Glass - Re-appropriating Media

The media workshop will engage in reconstructing media formats and aesthetics to present distorted visions of media society and to demonstrate thus the creative power of media art. Markus Kiefer is a media artist and currently in the master class of Harald Schleicher at University of Mainz.




Matthew Causey: The End of the Spectacle: The Embedded Body and the Will to Truth ‘Art is more important than the truth.’- Nietzsche

Luk van den Dries: The Body as an Interface. Reflexions on Ambient Theatre

David Levin: What's in a Name? Nomination, Convention, and Television in William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (Baz Luhrmann, 1996)

Anja Klöck: Acting On the Media

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Academic and Professional Staff


Christopher Balme (University of Mainz, D)
Mita Banerjee (University of Mainz, D)
Maaike Bleeker (University of Amsterdam, NL)
Matthew Causey (Trinity Colleg Dublin, IRE)
John Downie (Victoria University of Wellington, NZ)
Luc van den Dries (University of Antwerpen, B)
Alfred Hornung (University of Mainz, D)
Markus Kiefer (University of Mainz, D)
Tomasz Kitlinski (University of Lublin, POL)
Anja Klöck (Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig, D)
Michal Kobialka (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA)
David Levin (University of Chicago, USA)
Peter Marx (University of Mainz, D)
Ian Maxwell (University of Sydney, AUS)
Josef Rauscher (University of Mainz, D)
Bernhard Reitz (University of Mainz, D)
Karl N. Renner (University of Mainz, D)
Freddie Rokem (Tel Aviv University, IL)
Kati Röttger (University of Mainz, D)
Brigitte Schultze (University of Mainz, D)
Agostino Di Scipio (L’Aquila, I)
Vava Stefanescu (Paris, F)
John Storey (Sunderland College, UK)
Malgorzata Sugiera (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, POL)
Meike Wagner (University of Mainz, D)