"Take up the Bodies!" - Theatricality and Writing/Culture 1968-2008 (2008)

July 4-17, 2008
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Forty years after the student revolt, the IPP Summer School deals with the events of 1968 and their relevance for today, trying to situate them in the current German and international context.

Tracing the various manifestations of theatricality and writing/culture from 1968 to the present, the lectures, seminars and workshops emphasize two main issues.

Firstly, the Summer School questions the alleged irrelevance of "1968" for today, as it is often maintained in academic debates, the media and the theatre: Nowadays, the political and cultural decisiveness of the "student revolt" seems barely recognizable any more; instead, "1968" becomes something which is safely placed in the past.  

Secondly, the Summer School puts its focus on the bodily and performative dimensions of the "student revolt." Arguing from a transcultural and interdisciplinary perspective, the courses and lectures aim at historizicing the movement(s) of 1968, opening the gaze for its precursors as well as for its "afterimages."

What has changed in the relationship between directors and the literacy of theatre texts, in their position towards dance, music and performance as elements of cultural-historical processes? How have artistic motivations changed from 1968 to the present? Which performative practices of revolutionary body thinking are negotiated in the field of tension between an unescapable corporeality and its deconstruction?


FEATURING SEMINARS, LECTURES, AND PRACTICAL WORKSHOPS BYSabine Haenni (Cornell), Bettina Kasten (ZDF Mainz), Friedemann Kreuder (Mainz), David Levin (Chicago), Barton Palmer (Clemson), Patrice Pavis (Paris), Martin Puchner (Columbia), Clemens Risi (Berlin), Freddie Rokem (Tel Aviv), Andres Veiel (Berlin), Steve Wilmer (Trinity College), Niky Wolcz (Columbia), and others...

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The IPP Summer School has been selected by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and can offer full travel and accomodation grants to a limited number of doctoral students from abroad. To be eligible, one must be able to attend the full two weeks of the Summer School (July, 4-17).

The Travel and Accomodation Grants have already been awarded.



The IPP Summer School is a centre for learning in an international context, offering courses to postgraduate and doctoral students with an aim towards encouraging interdisciplinary study. All participants attend lectures and workshops regularly and present their own projects in the field of performance and media in working groups. In addition to academic instruction there are practical workshops, debate meetings and informal excursions. The academic staff of the IPP Summer School consists of university teachers and other qualified professionals. While all courses are conducted in English, some lectures may be held in German.

Within the Summer School, students will acquire analytical tools and methods to focus on performative practices as theatre, literature, performance art and visual media. We support interdisciplinary perspectives by offering seminars according to different fields of interest within this years topic. The focus of attention will be on the social relevance of aesthetic forms and medial practices mirrored in methodological approaches that lead beyond textual and aesthetic analysis. IPP Summer School supports postgraduate and doctoral students in developing methodological approaches and in focussing the outline of their individual projects with an intensive course programme.


THE SUMMER SCHOOL OFFERS- Seminars by our  local and international academic staff. Preliminary readings and term papers required. Students can choose one seminar out of three.
- Practical Workshops by qualified professionals. Students can choose one workshop.
- Plenary Lectures by our local and international academic staff.
- A Cultural Program consisting of excursions, theatre events, etc.

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The tuition fee for the Summer School is 90 €. It covers course materials as well as lunches.

TO APPLY, simply fill out the application form. The Deadline for a simple participation in the workshops and seminars is June, 22. However, the deadline for the travel and accomodation grants has passed. All scholarships have been appointed.