IPP Summer School

The Summer School has been an integral part of the IPP Performance and Media Studies since 2003. Taking place at the end of the summer semester, it discusses central questions in cultural studies and media studies, focusing on a different thematic aspect each year.

The IPP Summer School addresses graduate and postgraduate/doctoral students from a variety of disciplines. It offers an international forum of study and supports interdisciplinary exchange. The participants attend LecturesSeminars and practical Workshops regarding the Summer School's respective thematic focus. In Presentation Panels, they have the opportunity to discuss their own projects with outstanding academics from Germany and abroad.

Select List of Teachers and Lecturers, 2003-2008:

Mark Anderson (New York), Christopher Balme (Munich), Mita Banerjee (Siegen), Maaike Bleeker (Utrecht), Matthew Causey (Dublin), Joachim Fiebach (Berlin), Sabine Haenni (Ithaca), Baz Kershaw (Warwick), Friedemann Kreuder (Mainz), Michal Kobialka (Minnesota), David Levin (Chicago), Peter Marx (Mainz), Ian Maxwell (Sidney), Martin Puchner (New York), Clemens Risi (Berlin), Katie Röttger (Amsterdam), Freddie Rokem (Tel Aviv), Malgorzata Sugiera (Krakow), Steve Wilmer (Dublin)

During the last years, the IPP Summer School has been concerned with the following subjects:

2012 - Cartographies n Past: Nation, Region, Trans-Nation
2011 - Illustrating the Past: History, Media and Popular Culture
2010 - Performative Presence of the Past
2009 - "The Invocation of the Dead - Between Theatre and Ritual"
2008 - "Take up the Bodies!" - Theatricality and Writing/Culture 1968-2008
2007 - Traditions of Modernity / Traditionen der Moderne
2006 - Hostile Takeovers. On Violence and Media
2005 - Performing the Matrix. Mediating Cultural Performances
2004 - Media and Beyond. Corporealities and Crises
2003 - Beyond Aesthetics. Performance, Media, and Cultural Studies