Information on the IPP

At the core of the programme lie questions concerning the concept of ‘culture’ itself. What is the structure of the various cultural processes of change as they are effective in performative and mediated cultures? How can we adequately describe and analyse the basic paradigms of cultural shifts? Innovative solutions to these problems can only be found in an interdisciplinary and international exchange. Thus the IPP supports international and interdisciplinary research as the methodological condition for the future cultural analysts.

Thematically two main perspectives shape the IPP: Interculturality and Intermediality. Respectively two types of doctoral projects are supported. Firstly, those projects which are explicitly concerned with the intermingling and mixing of different cultural backgrounds and their medial and performative forms of expression. Secondly, the programme is oriented towards the analysis of hybrid mediated structures that pertain to the notion of intermediality. The concept of intermediality offers the possibility for projects to focus on those forms of cultural expression that overstep the borders of traditional genres.



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